In 2008, Kurt Nice encountered KRS ONE for an in-depth conversation for the first time since 1995 (@D&D Studios). That led him to playing a key role in promoting the most important book ever written about Hip Hop consciousness thus far, The Gospel of Hip Hop by KRS ONE (2009). His travels promoting the Gospel of Hip Hop and The Stop the Violence Movement across the United States lead to Kurt’s role originally as Marketing Director for the Temple of Hip Hop and then Exec Archivist for the on-line gallery of Hip Hop Kulture (hiphoplives.net). From 2011 to 2013, Kurt designed, edited and wrote 13 issues of 9 Elements Magazine (HipHopLives.net Magazine) that included self-produced video and audio as well. He also wrote and compiled Blood Oaths to the Secret Covenant: Unraveling the Mystery of Mitt Romney’s Lineage (pub. 2012) and Shades of Hip Hop: Undaground Seen 2008 (pub. 2013). In addition, he published a book of essays called Hip Hop Know What I’m Sayin (2013).