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What about Hip Hop activism?

Check out the discussion on the NY Hip Hop Report… “It’s one of those times in America when it’s hard to just act like everything is normal. So while we are going to have our show, and continue with the normal things we do (reviewing and previewing NY hip hop…


Ferguson Police: Portrait of a PR Disaster

The events which took place on August 9th 2014 in Ferguson Missouri will become a textbook case of how not to conduct PR after a tragic and unfortunate incident. The incident, which involved a police officer shooting an unarmed 18 year old to death without probable cause, has sparked nights…


What falling down says about race

There are a lot of dangerous people with guns in America. It seems like every week we hear about random shooting. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) had statistics from 2010 on the death rate by firearm. The total was 8,235 among non-Hispanic Whites and those classified as African-American or…


How media uses PR to prop up poor police work

PR Propaganda and Persuasion Appeals The controversial police shooting of an unarmed 18 year old in Ferguson Missouri has sparked days of protests and extensive news coverage almost around the clock for the past week. In cases like this, news media, at the behest of authorities, or even without prompting…


The 100th episode of the NY Hip Hop Report

Manny Faces and Steve Ortiz celebrated the 100th episode of their weekly talk show on the NY Hip Hop Report. The show is a weekly discussion about topics relevant to the Hip Hop community from the perspective of the birth place of the culture. The NY Hip Hop Report looks…


True Hip Hop Always On

Just in case you need a fix of real Hip Hop, don’t forget you can always get your dose of the good stuff on…   Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture, creating the first nationally distributed video mix…


The Lies Hip Hop Told Me (3): Fuck America

To those in the inner city, life in America can look bleak at times. The lack of employment, crooked cops, criminals trying to stick you for your goods, scam artists plotting, over-inflated prices, poor education, you name it. But guess what? It ain’t as bad as it seems. That picture…


Lincoln Park Hip Hop Fest 2014

A couple of random shots of the 2014 Lincoln Park Music Festival in Newark NJ. Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture, creating the first nationally distributed video mix tape series, Shades of Hip Hop, in the late 1990s. Since…


5 Reasons Black Men Among Most Influential on Earth

Just recently an article by our brother Dr. Boyce Watkins, outlined 5 reasons why he felt “black” men haven’t advanced over the last 40 years. Watkins states, “We are fragmented, distracted, materialistic, and ultimately weak.  We are not men….we are just a bunch of ‘niggaz in Paris.’ (Watkins, 2014)” That…


What about Bobby Shmurda?

Check out the best Hip Hop talk on a Sunday night, the NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces and Steve Ortiz. As the conversation turns to Bobby Shmurda, I questioned why it is as adults, that we follow the trends of children with no life experience. When we were…


Tupac speaks about economics

In this clip which is the first MTV interview with Pac as a solo artist, he talks about society and the idea of giving. He also touches on his perception of how Americans should act toward each other. During the interaction he states unequivocally that he considers himself an American…


Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival_Total Slaughter Battle_Harlem Book Fair

On this week’s episode of the NY Hip Hop Report (Sundays 9pm est) hosts Manny Faces and Steve Ortiz discussed the 2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop festival, the results and impact of the Total Slaughter Battle featuring Joe Buddens and Hollw da Don plus a recap of the Harlem Book Fair…


How my suburban town changed Hip Hop forvever

Introduction In this essay, the importance of our action or inaction as human beings in society, is discussed to remind us that even if we think that we are insignificant, the things we do or don’t do in life have ramifications that we can’t possibly foresee. In this discussion, we…

HIp Hop gallery 1

Portable Hip Hop Gallery

What is a portable Hip Hop gallery? Well, this is an example based on the Shades of Hip Hop collection. The following is an example of a set-up I am working on that goes beyond the normal table display of artifacts. This system is more of a mobile museum design,…


Star is done with male battle rap

After the latest scandal surrounding battle rap and the latest altercation during an event, Star of Shot 97 internet radio and long-time radio host, says he’s finished with the genre. On his daily internet show on from 12 – 2pm, Star cited the incident of Dizaster punching Math Hoffa…


Dizaster punches Math Hoffa at KOTD

Young boy bravado overtook the King of the Dot battle in Los Angeles on June 28. After what some said was a good three-round battle, Diz threatened to punch Math Hoffa in the face. Math dared him to do it, so he did. From the video, it looks like Math…


Integration is the problem

I was reading a text book on global marketing the other day and I realized that integration is the problem in society. Not the black and white integration that comes to mind so quickly in a race conscious society like America, but another kind. I’m talking about the mix and…


RAW Natural Born Artists

At the Paranorma show put on by RAW in Hoboken on June 19, there was another shining example of creative artistry put on exhibition. RAW has redefined the gallery experience with a luxurious mix of fine art and contemporary club atmosphere. The pulsating lights and sound of a live DJ…


Check out the Photo Gallery

Finally got a chance to redo the gallery. Still under construction but you know how I do. The archives are what they are. Little bits of time recorded on electro-magnetic chips. Enjoy!   Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop…


Nature Edition p2: Weird Science

How do things work? Science is all around us in nature. Everyday physics impacts the way we live without even knowing it. Did you know that when volcanoes erupt, sometimes a lightning storm is generated? The purple dots disappear if you stare at the center…. How a chain is made….