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What is Hip Hop expression?

How deep is your understanding of Hip Hop? What is Hip Hop communication? Hip Hop influences many forms of freestyle communication between people. KRS says on one level, Hip Hop is an ability to transforms subjects (ideas, ways of doing things) and objects (tangible things) in an effort to express…


Hip Hop Appreciation Week Mix 3

Preserving Hip Hop means preserving the Hiphoppa. That includes the everyday Hiphoppa like you and me. Our survival is the survival of Hip Hop. All of us together make Hip Hop what it is. Without the people who embrace and perpetuate the culture, there is only a memory of what…


Hip Hop Appreciation Week Mix 2

Another musical collage of pictures from some friends in the Worldwide cypher of Hip Hop. The WWC was a Sunday session of True School Hip Hop video/on-line talk show/discussion about topics related to Hip Hop Kulture and the human condition. We talked about society, politics, science, meta-physics, religion, music and…


Hip Hop Appreciation Week Mix 1

Here’s a musical collage celebrating Hip Hop Appreciation Week with some pics from the Worldwide Cypher. If you see yourself or someone you know tag the post.   Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture, creating the first nationally distributed…


What Hip Hop Appreciation Week means to me

What is Hip Hop? I know I’ve asked that question before, but during Hip Hop Appreciation Week, it’s good to revisit that topic. To be realistic, there is no real consensus or generally accepted answer to that question. For the most part, Hip Hop as a culture is stuck in…


Living in the Past?

Last year WorldStar posted the “Roundtable Cypher” from Shades of Hip Hop #10: The Cypher which featued Mos Def, DMX, John Forte, Mic Gernimo, Big Pun and Canibus spitting 2nd Round K.O. for the very first time anywhere in public. This footage was shot on December 18, 1997, and still…


It’s 4:20 Everyday

    Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture, creating the first nationally distributed video mix tape series, Shades of Hip Hop, in the late 1990s. Since touring the country with the Stop the Violence Movement and the Temple of…


Some Examples of Golden Era Video Remixes

As I explained in the last post about DJ Cheese, the remixes we collaborated on were done on analog equipment. I remember spending hours fast-forwarding and rewinding through numerous tapes to overdub specific frames of video into a particular piece. The process was not only time-consuming but tedious, meticulous and…


Who is the 1st World Champion Deejay?

DJ Cheese from Plainfield, New Jersey, my hometown. The remixes DJ Cheese and I worked on for Shades of Hip Hop volume 5: CDS, and Shades of Hip Hop volume 6: Da Goodness were done in a unique way for remixes. Since Shades of Hip Hop is a video mixtape,…


Integration is the problem

I was reading a text book on global marketing the other day and I realized that integration is the problem in society. Not the black and white integration that comes to mind so quickly in a race conscious society like America, but another kind. I’m talking about the mix and…


The ethics of bootlegging

Bootleg –1. (verb) Make, distribute, or sell (illicit goods, esp. liquor, computer software, or recordings) illegally 2. (noun) An illegal musical recording, esp. one made at a concert. When cowboys roamed the land, most of them wore tall boots that, as the name suggests, came equipped with ample bootlegs. Because…


Language, perception and Hip Hop

Language is ambiguous, arbitrary and abstract.1 It’s symbolic and historical and yet, intrinsically devoid of real meaning. Words have the ability to define ideas and objects and allow for communication between individuals to take place, but maybe even more importantly, enable the individual to hold thoughts in their own mind…


Hip Hop and cultural values

Culture is defined by some as, “the patterns of meaning acquired by members of society expressed in their knowledge, beliefs, art, laws, morals, customs, and habits (Kardes, 2011).” Geert Hofstede defined culture as, “the collective programming of the human mind that distinguishes the members of one group from those of…

kurt nice and krsone

My Philosophy is more typical than you might remember

A particular classic hip-hop song starts out with a ‘sample’, which is an audio clip borrowed from an unrelated source: “So you’re a philosopher? Yes (deejay scratching). Yes. I think very deeply.”1 Judging from a superficial perspective of mainstream music today, you wouldn’t think the song relates much in modern…


Free Ideas vs Pay to Play

Background At issue in the twenty-first century is the trade-off between the necessity of writers, musicians, artists, and movie studios to profit from their work and the free flow of ideas for the public benefit. Movie (and music) industry participants claim that encryption programs are necessary to prevent piracy. Others,…


Less rappers more emcees

No more rappers We don’t need more rappers. Hip Hop is bigger than rap. There are too many rappers in general, but especially in America. We don’t need any more rappers. We need more million-dollar graffiti artists. We need more B-boys and B-girls to blow up and more real deejays…


Black Moon before their first album in 1992

Here’s another classic Shades of Hip Hop clip to post for #TBT. It features Buckshot Shorty, the 5ft Accelerator and DJ Evil Dee just before their album dropped in 1992. This is when rappers could do in-store promotions at record stores. Sadly, there are no more record stores in most…


When Conscious Women in Hip Hop were Respected

During the  Golden Era of rap in the 90’s , which is a little different than the Golden Era of Hip Hop during the 80’s, conscious women in Hip Hop were respected. In the beginning, rappers whether male or female, were given props for their skills on the mic and…


A new look at the Hip Hop Elements

We all talk about Hip Hop; what it is, when it started, who is Hip Hop and who isn’t. But do we even all agree on that first part? What is Hip Hop? We all say it’s more than just music and entertainment. It’s a culture and a lifestyle. Most…


Mainstream ideology is why Hip Hop began

More correctly, the opposition to mainstream ideology is why Hip Hop evolved into a culture. At its inception Hiphop (consciousness), was the way normal people in the urban parts of America were able to maintain sanity in the face of the hypocrisy of mainstream life. Mainstream life told you that…

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