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Some interesting pics, enjoy

These pictures are completely random and have nothing to do with each other or some greater meaning than what you derive from them…


OOPS …Fail

There is something special about watching stupidity. It’s a great American past time. Americans love acting foolish to get a laugh. People also do a lot of things one would consider foolish, though to the person it may have seemed perfectly sensible at the time. There was even a radio…


I like GIFs do you?

It’s real simple. I’m a visual person and moving GIF files are cool. They’re sometimes the perfect eye-candy. If you’ve been reading some of the more recent posts, you will have seen a clever usage of these amazing little mini-movies. In the future expect to see more, and know that…


Would I want to be on Worldstar?

Less than 7 days ago I posted this pic announcing the Hip Hop Appreciation Day Shadesradio/HipHopLives.net video on demand bingeathon, coming up on Sunday May 18th. On that day we will celebrate the Golden Era of Hip Hop and beyond, by watching exclusive video from the Shades of Hip Hop…


Shadesradio Nature Edition ep. 1

  Observing nature can be very interesting because, nature is weird… And because animals act like humans sometimes…. Animals are so much smarter than they look… and sometimes they’re downright creepy. You’ve got respect animals, especially when you’re in nature or natural environments. Because animals can be scary. and dangerous,…

gun in yo face

That’s that bullshit vol. 1: The Homicide Hoax

We are all constantly reminded to fear the crumbling of inner cities and the dangers which lurk in their crime-ridden streets, by conservative news outlets like nj.com and the Star Ledger, who sensationalize the murder of so-called minority youth. An article on nj.com screamed about the “epic” threshold of 100…


Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2014

This year, we have an interesting dilemma regarding Hip Hop Appreciation Week. Traditionally, HHAW is held every third week in May. Now I’ve heard the Teacha say that week should always include May 16th, the anniversary of the signing of the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace, at the United Nations…


A Hip Hop book you should read

Get a free sample of the book by clicking the link. Get the PDF download for $5


How did Hip Hop end up here?

Over the past few years, I was forced to re-evaluate my feelings about Hip Hop Kulture because of the state of hip-hop music. It’s not just that rap has declined over the past 10 years, but the lack of originality, concept and skills, has made the culture itself look bad….


Picking the right thumbnail and song title

A lot of work may have gone in to your last music project. You may have taken time to come up with concepts and constructed a well put-together song. It may have taken numerous hours in the studio to get the right sound on the track. Now when everything is…


New video uploads

Just in case you missed it, here are some new uploads to the shadesradio channel on YouTube. To get notification in your email, please subscribe or connect with me on Twitter (@KurtNiceHHL) to receive updates from the blog.  


Why did KOTD use Canibus in their commercial?

In a shadesradio.com commentary I talked about how most Hiphoppas don’t watch battles of any kind, whether its emceein, deejayin, bboyin, or whatever. Why is that? Isn’t Hip Hop Kulture losing out on what could be well-regulated, profit generating business? In discussing this, I sidetracked on the fact that in…


Everyday Hip Hop

Have you ever seen Shades of Hip Hop? Don’t know what that is? Well, for those that don’t know. Shades of Hip Hop is exclusive video birthed during the Golden Era of Hip Hop and the first national video mixtape distributed in the U.S. From concerts to interviews and rhyme…


Business Law Basics

This report is comprised of a set of briefs discussing the basic principles of law any business will confront in their operation. For small business owners and students, this will serve as a quick study guide and overview of standard practices associated with owning a business or property. Business Law…


8 other things Hip Hop added to American culture

…And no I’m not talking about twerking! When we think of the cultural influence that Hip Hop has on American society and even the World, we think mostly in terms of the elements; Emceein, Deejayin, Graffiti Art, Breakin etc. In fact, True Schoolers tend to think of Hip Hop Kulture…

Jay-Z count

The most popular Jay-Z interview on YouTube right now…

What does it mean when you have the most popular Jay-Z interview on YouTube right now? Nothing…because YouTube hits aren’t what they seem. This week on spreaker.com I broke down the significance of YouTube hits and likes on social media. On the one hand, they are good sources of advertising…


Mos Def wears skirt but here’s two other things

You may have seen the picture of Mos Def (Yasin Bey) wearing what appears to be a skirt, although he prefers to call it a wrap from Ghana. In American Hip Hop Fashion sense, it’s not a good look. I’m sure the skirt is from Ghana and since the picture…


Slick Rick interview at Buffalo University

My interview with Slick Rick at Buffalo University from a couple of years back (2008). It’s interesting to hear the odd things he mentioned about politics like the Georgia/Russia conflict, the Iranian president and his immigration issues. Plus he kinda felt that the STVM was something better suited to 20…


Rare footage of KRSONE at Stonehenge

KRSONE at Stonehenge in 2007 with Mondo One backed by words from DJ Supreme and the Teacha speaking on Hip Hop. Are you swayed by the public portrayal of Hip Hop Kulture? Is what you see and hear on television and radio, an accurate portrayal of Hip Hop as a…


New uploads this week

Here are some new uploads to the Shadesradio YouTube channel this week. I went back on Spreaker.com to do some commentary on the Hip Hop Business course that I have been putting off for a long time. I still have much more detail to talk about but this is a…