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WTF is a Poverty Rate?

Just a few short months away from another decisive, World-changing election, the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump finally decided to address the need for African-American voter support. Many, including myself, were offended by his depiction of an impoverished, crime-ridden Hellscape populated by “Black” people in America. He screeched about…


Why the Mainstream Prefers Suckers, Clowns and Cynics

One thing that became clear to me when formally studying marketing was that marketing controls people’s lives a lot more than they might think. People think the illuminati or the government controls them, but it is only through marketing, media and public relations that anyone follows a command. People of…


Luke Cage infused with 90s Hip Hop

Word has come down that the new superhero Marvel/NetFlix series Luke Cage, will be composed by a super duo of 90’s inspired Hiphoppas. The duo of Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad recently worked together on Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled 06” but  join forces here to fill the Harlem based action-adventure…


HipHopLives FB UAR (S2 E4)

From the Facebook group page for we check out some of the latest submissions from members in the Unsigned Artist Review. Dope tracks and whack rappers will be defined and singled out in my completely biased True School Hip Hop discussion. Check it out below… Also if you missed…


Real poverty numbers and how cynics hate progress

This article may not seem to relate to Hip Hop Kulture, but it does. In this post, I will set up the first part of a larger argument that includes a discussion of Hip Hop. That subsequent post will be the conclusion to what’s introduced here. To understand Hip Hop’s…


Pop Rap versus Hip Hop

Rap music of today, filled with the newest trendy sound and contemporary mindset, is a far cry from what the seasoned Hiphoppa would prefer, content-wise. Today’s music is the reflection of a fantasy world that exists mainly in songs or music videos, not in reality. When that reality does cross…


Mainstream rappers don’t care about you

If you observe what’s ‘poppin’ with today’s popular rappers, you won’t find much that should concern you. You aren’t missing anything by not listening to them. They aren’t making any big strides artistically or conceptually. Their songs are the same warmed-over, R&B inspired, auto-tuned trap music that was spilled in…


A new look at the Hip Hop Elements

We all talk about Hip Hop; what it is, when it started, who is Hip Hop and who isn’t. But do we even all agree on that first part? What is Hip Hop? We all say it’s more than just music and entertainment. It’s a culture and a lifestyle. Most…


Young Rappers Don’t Love Hip Hop

Most times, I stay in the background of these topical rap conversations and gossip because its pointless. I’m glad on one level not to associate with too many insiders because then you lose perspective. It’s hard to be an honest judge of character when you find out that some whack…



If you can’t make it to the debut exhibition this month, please consider supporting my efforts to preserve real Hip Hop Kulture by purchasing an original print. Your support helps build collections for displays in new locations. These presentations and public displays can provide unique inspiration for aspiring artists, producers,…


After this, do you still love Hip Hop?

The last 4 months to many may have been very depressing when it comes to Hip Hop as a culture. Specifically, Hip Hop has been rocked by scandals of the most repugnant kind related to Bam and his legacy to the culture. That wave sent ripples felt by the Zulu…


This July at the Hip Hop Archive

We will open the floor Wednesdays nights to Hip Hop discussions and LIVE performances! Stay tuned for more details on how to be involved. Special guest speakers and performers TBA. Contact me for speaking/performing slots Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the…

1140 Ana St

Elizabeth NJ – A Place in Hip Hop History

Last year when I began to contemplate the ripple effect on the vast culture of Hip Hop, I singled out my small town of Plainfield NJ. In that piece, I had only just begun to reveal the puzzle that makes up our collective Hip Hop experience. Initially, I also wanted…


Exhibition Open

We made it! The brand new Hip Hop Archive at Plainfield Public Library @800 Park Ave is finally open! On display for the collective is my personal collection of artworks depicting some contemporary Hip Hop history. This material illustrates how we can all participate in the preservation of Hip Hop…


Check out the Hip Hop Lives Archive

Thanks to the Plainfield Public Library in New Jersey for providing such a beautiful facility to house our Hip Hop Archive. To celebrate the donation of my Shades of Hip Hop catalog, we will display photos, prints and items that document our collective contemporary history. The goal is to inspire…


The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace

For many years, people inside and outside of the culture, have speculated on the importance and impact of Hip Hop on society. Has it been a benefit to have Hip Hop Kulture transmitted to the masses through hip-hop music around the World? What has been the impact of individuals adopting…


It’s All About the Hamiltons

If you asked the average rap fan what the biggest story in Hip Hop (culture) or hip-hop music for the past 12 months was, what would they say? They might mention Drake and Meek Mill. They might talk about Future’s status as the ‘trap-music king’. Maybe they would talk about…


Exhibition set up, come visit us!

On display for the collective are some of my favorite moments from the Shades of Hip Hop Archive. Although the full video and audio catalog has yet to be uploaded to the database, you will find digital reproductions from some of that same footage on display. There is also a…


Archive Update: Hip Hop Posters

Please take a look at these one of a kind prints personally crafted by myself, to pay tribute to some icons of hip-hop music. While you do, I hope you would consider supporting my efforts to bring Hip Hop Kulture to future generations with the new Hip Hop Archive on…


It’s 4:20 Everyday

    Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture, creating the first nationally distributed video mix tape series, Shades of Hip Hop, in the late 1990s. Since touring the country with the Stop the Violence Movement and the Temple of…

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