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Shout Out to Hip Hop Nerds

To be clear, rappers didn’t create Hip Hop. They used to speak for it though. Deejays didn’t create Hip Hop either; neither did B-Boys/Girls or Graf artists. Hip Hop was galvanized by all those groups together and also by some groups that have gone unnamed. To galvanize means, “to stimulate…


What Happened to Skillz?

The idealistic principles of Hip Hop at its core are Peace, Love, Unity and (safely) Having Fun (Afrika Bambaataa, KRS ONE). It is expressed most often thru other principles like Originality, Concept and Skills. Originality was the lynch pin distinguishing us from them, Hiphoppa from non-Hiphoppa, originators from biters. Originality…


Hip Hop is a seed

In the Gospel of Hip Hop, The Teacha breaks down many important subjects and life affirming topics which focus Hiphoppas on substantive aspects of life. A full range of introspection from materialism to spirituality is contained in the over 800 page tome. The Gospel is more of a reference resource…

ice cube

What did we learn about Hip Hop in 2015?

They say the loudest voices get the most attention… Well, the loudest voices in rap music have made a complete cross-over into pop music with the new melody-rap; half-singing/half-rapping style being mimicked everywhere currently. The style is spearheaded by artists like Future and Young Thug who claim to be rappers…


Here’s another Hip Hop Puzzle

A couple of months ago I shared some simple Hip Hop games to pass the time. Here is another one based on a drawing I did recently. You can also support the Hip Hop Lives Preservation Project by getting a real puzzle that was just added to Etsy. Shouts out…


It’s 2016 or is it?

Happy New Year is what we all say around this time to celebrate the cycle of twelve months that make up our solar calendar. The year is based on approximately how long it takes for our planet to revolve around the Sun. It takes about 365.25 days to make the…


The #3 Rap Album Was A Hidden Gem This Year

Right now the biggest gainer in rap album sales on Billboard is the #3 position held by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s cast recording of the Broadway musical Hamilton. Alone that statistic is impressive, but consider this…the Pinkprint World Tour by Nicki Minaj this year grossed $13M. Since July of 2015, Hamilton has…


That’s What I do…I Sell Drugs!

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli was arrested on securities fraud by the FBI just one day after it was learned that he was the sole buyer of a $2 million single copy of the special edition Wu-Tang album, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin. In an interesting piece by Jake Paine…


18 Years Ago This Week

If you know me, then you might know that 18 years ago this week, I was developing a concept called Shades of Hip Hop. It was a concept which tried to capture the essence of underground Hip Hop Kulture with behind the scenes footage, freestyle outtakes and uncensored conversations which…


How my landline contributed to Hip Hop History

About 18 years ago, in December of 1997, I had a conversation on my ‘land-line’ (phone) that led to something epic in the history of Hip Hop. At the time, I was the cameraman, host, producer and editor of what was called Shades of Hip Hop video mixtape documentaries. It…


Hip Hop: Stupidity is the real enemy

(VIDEO BELOW) In a recent song created by rapper Saigon and producer DJ Premiere called, Let’s Get Smart, Saigon says… Nah Preem, I ain’t come around to dumb It down. I done started a revolution, I ain’t running now. ‘Cause I don’t rap about having fun, I’m underground? ‘Cause the…


Hip Hop Revolution

This is what comes up when you search for pictures related to the words “Hip Hop Revolution” on Google Images   Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture, creating the first nationally distributed video mix tape series, Shades of Hip…


November: Hip Hop History Month

Since November is Hip Hop History month, a time in the folklore of Hip Hop when we celebrate the intricate history of the culture we all dwell in, let us reflect on the past. Many Hiphoppas talk about old-school vs new school and tradition vs evolution, but it is not…


Hip Hop Lives on Earth

(Originally published Feb. 28, 2013) I just started taking some formal classes that might be informative to share with you from time to time. If I come across any relevant information that concerns the everyday life of a Hiphoppa, I will be sure to drop a new post. One of…

Last dollar (poverty series)

How Hip Hop entered the Global Economy

The question of international appeal and market segmentation makes me automatically want to examine Hip Hop as a culture. It’s interesting to note how, without marketing specialists and advertising executive’s influence, Hip Hop spread around the World. Still, it speaks to some of the same characteristics needed to define market…


This Week on – The 80’s pt. 1

In Hip Hop we trace a lot of history through the music we listened to at the time. The music which surrounds the scene acts as a soundtrack to life in that era. Music can sometimes be an interpretation of how people were living at the time. So what was…


A Special Night in Radio: October 31, 1973

There were game shows, back then called quiz shows, comedy shows, variety programs, interview shows, and a reality crime show called Night Beat which followed police on the street, similar to Cops today. These shows were new and innovative yet, the main thing this era was known for were radio…


Mainstream ideology is why Hip Hop began

More correctly, the opposition to mainstream ideology is why Hip Hop evolved into a culture. At its inception Hiphop (consciousness), was the way normal people in the urban parts of America were able to maintain sanity in the face of the hypocrisy of mainstream life. Mainstream life told you that…


Hip Hop Hides On FM Radio

There’s no questioning the fact that commercial FM radio stations do not play the best Hip-Hop music available today. They instead play the most heavily promoted music, which these days, typically sucks. There are hundreds of artists with quality tunes that never get airplay on stations which claim to serve…

The Four Owls

The British Hip Hop Invasion Broadcast pt.1

I’ve been listening to UK Hip Hop for at least a few years now, and my opinion of it has only gotten better. I’ve been hoping for a breakthrough where some of these artists finally get their well-deserved shine time here in America, but it hasn’t happened so far. Instead…

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