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How Hip Hop Business Creates Shared Value pt 2

New Model vs. Old Model Old Model The traditional model of calculating the value of entrepreneurship is by its economic impact. In a research paper titled, What is the Value of Entrepreneurship; A Review of Recent Research, by C. Mirjam

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Cross Cultural Consumer Characterization and You

In society, people belong to groups of all sorts and affiliate themselves with others in numerous ways; American, Male, Black, Adult, Progressive, Democrat, Hiphoppa, Teacher, Writer, Whovian etc. We even let the stereotypical characterizations of these groups become part of

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People Lie about the 1990’s

Right now, we’re in the midst of a Presidential election in America. The sides have been drawn and a referendum is about to be made. In part, the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has not only made this totally about himself

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Real poverty numbers and how cynics hate progress

This article may not seem to relate to Hip Hop Kulture, but it does. In this post, I will set up the first part of a larger argument that includes a discussion of Hip Hop. That subsequent post will be

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How Hip Hop entered the Global Economy

The question of international appeal and market segmentation makes me automatically want to examine Hip Hop as a culture. It’s interesting to note how, without marketing specialists and advertising executive’s influence, Hip Hop spread around the World. Still, it speaks

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What Hip Hop Appreciation Week means to me

What is Hip Hop? I know I’ve asked that question before, but during Hip Hop Appreciation Week, it’s good to revisit that topic. To be realistic, there is no real consensus or generally accepted answer to that question. For the

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Know what I’m saying?

Who are you really? Who do you model yourself after? Are you a product and accumulation of the behaviors you mimic from television, movies, music and religion? Are you the stereotype characterized in a file cabinet in a county courthouse,

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Update on Sales Strategy: Salesmanship Report

Here are the latest updates on Salesmanship Theory from the summer 2014 course in Business Marketing. The following are the transcripts from my class discussions with the professor and other students. For those interested in the most current sales theory

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Someone told Nicki No?

Upon hearing the news that the school which inspired the movie and TV show Fame, a high school of the performing arts, declined a request from Nicki Minaj to speak, I was relieved. Finally, someone had told the obnoxious and

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Some interesting pics, enjoy

These pictures are completely random and have nothing to do with each other or some greater meaning than what you derive from them… Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture,

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How did Hip Hop end up here?

Over the past few years, I was forced to re-evaluate my feelings about Hip Hop Kulture because of the state of hip-hop music. It’s not just that rap has declined over the past 10 years, but the lack of originality,

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Business Law Basics

This report is comprised of a set of briefs discussing the basic principles of law any business will confront in their operation. For small business owners and students, this will serve as a quick study guide and overview of standard

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First Hip Hop Business Course in the World debuts at ECC

Hip Hop, as you may already know, is a multibillion dollar per year industry. This means that the elements of Hip Hop Kulture have created ways for hundreds of thousands of individuals to derive income from their use. This is

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P. Diddy gives group $250k to promote entrepreneurship

“Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks.” – Puff Daddy In an shining example of putting your money where your mouth is, Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy, aka P Diddy or just Diddy, used his vast material influence

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Jay-Z as the shareholder model

  Jay-Z is a brand. Jay-Z is a business model owned by Shawn Carter and probably some others, maybe even Beyonce’ and Blue Ivy when it’s all said and done. Still, some dispute exists as to whether or not Jay-Z

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Quora Question: What’s it like to be Rich on the DL?

This weeks question on Quora which peeked my interest was the following… What is it like to be discreetly wealthy? Some interesting answers came next, which explained the concept of being rich but not bragging about it, or living extravagantly.

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Tavis Smiley Tricked the “Hood”

Did Tavis Smiley Pimp Minority Neighborhoods for Wells Fargo? On Melissa Harris’ MSNBC Sunday show, more allegations were hurled at talk show host and seminar speaker, Tavis Smiley for being a charlatan. Charges stem from accusations as far back as

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