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The Experiment: A Brief History of Willful Ignorance

Backstory: Growing up, I always liked horror, sci-fi, comic books and computers. And whether it was because I was actually good at math and science and wore glasses, or something else… for whatever reason, people always considered me sort of

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People Lie about the 1990’s

Right now, we’re in the midst of a Presidential election in America. The sides have been drawn and a referendum is about to be made. In part, the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has not only made this totally about himself

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The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace

For many years, people inside and outside of the culture, have speculated on the importance and impact of Hip Hop on society. Has it been a benefit to have Hip Hop Kulture transmitted to the masses through hip-hop music around

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Exhibition set up, come visit us!

On display for the collective are some of my favorite moments from the Shades of Hip Hop Archive. Although the full video and audio catalog has yet to be uploaded to the database, you will find digital reproductions from some

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Aren’t we all wrong sometimes?

I’ve been wrestling with this concept a lot since last year when it happened, but I haven’t been able to put it into words correctly. I feel that the subject is intrinsic to the essence of Hiphop consciousness, and while

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Breaking Down Ah Yeah with KRSONE (1995)

Speaking of #TBT Throwbacks, here’s a gem from 20 years ago. This is how I spent my time in the days before the digital revolution, social media and YouTube. We used to track down Hip Hip wherever it was at,

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Language, perception and Hip Hop

Language is ambiguous, arbitrary and abstract.1 It’s symbolic and historical and yet, intrinsically devoid of real meaning. Words have the ability to define ideas and objects and allow for communication between individuals to take place, but maybe even more importantly,

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My Philosophy is more typical than you might remember

A particular classic hip-hop song starts out with a ‘sample’, which is an audio clip borrowed from an unrelated source: “So you’re a philosopher? Yes (deejay scratching). Yes. I think very deeply.”1 Judging from a superficial perspective of mainstream music

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Disaster 101

In light of the 2012 super-storm Hurricane Sandy, we are taking this time to remind you that shit does really get serious in a whole other way when the power goes out all around you for miles. Especially when its

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