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The Media Meltdown of 2016

In no uncertain terms, we will long suffer the consequences of 2016. The decisions made on a global and national scale will surely affect us in the months and years to come. What we’ve realized this year is that the

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Blame Hip Hop and protect the real criminal

I read an interesting article by Manny Faces of the NY Hip Hop Report and Birthplace Magazine about a report by CNN anchor Don Lemon. The problem with the main stream media is that they are not competent enough to

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Is Alex Jones on Drugs?

Alex displays very excited behavior, fidgeting, scratching his bouncing legs and rapid speech. These are all signs exhibited by people on stimulants like cocaine or amphetamines. Some people have said this an example of severe mental illness. He could also

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The News Media’s Biggest Winners of 2012

The top news media hosts of the year are not who the mainstream media would have you believe. They awarded David Gregory (NBC) as the best anchor early in 2012, but in reality,  he is near the bottom of the

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