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Hip Hop Lives on Earth

(Originally published Feb. 28, 2013) I just started taking some formal classes that might be informative to share with you from time to time. If I come across any relevant information that concerns the everyday life of a Hiphoppa, I

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A Hip Hop Pilgrimage to the Mother Land

There is such a thing as Hip Hop Tourism. And that’s the practical business approach to looking at the recent trip by Switzerland born and raised Hiphoppas from Winterthur. On the other hand this was more like a Hip Hop

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How my suburban town changed Hip Hop forvever

Introduction In this essay, the importance of our action or inaction as human beings in society, is discussed to remind us that even if we think that we are insignificant, the things we do or don’t do in life have

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How media uses PR to prop up poor police work

PR Propaganda and Persuasion Appeals The controversial police shooting of an unarmed 18 year old in Ferguson Missouri has sparked days of protests and extensive news coverage almost around the clock for the past week. In cases like this, news

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Is Miley Cyrus Hip Hop?

If you ever doubted the influence of Hip Hop Kulture and hip-hop music after seeing how it’s spread over the entire globe, stop it. Hip Hop for better or worse has gone from an exclusive culture practiced by inner-city youth

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Hip Hop Think Tank 3 @ the Schomburg Center

Talking about establishing Hip Hop curriculum across the U.S. and the World at the third annual Hip Hop Think Tank 3 conference at the Schomburg Center in Harlem NY. Chairman Casey Wong and moderated by Martha Diaz Kurt NiceKurt Nice

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The Best Hip Hop Convo

After returning from participating in a panel discussion for Hip Hop Education Week at Essex County College in Newark, NJ today, I started to think. Some of the best conversations about Hip Hop have already happened. They happen in schools,

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