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Lil Kim pioneered Hip Hop sex appeal for women

There is really no dispute to who pioneered the sexy image for female rappers. No one before her did it better or as hard core as she did. A live show we captured in 1996 is proof positive that Lil

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Is Miley Cyrus Hip Hop?

If you ever doubted the influence of Hip Hop Kulture and hip-hop music after seeing how it’s spread over the entire globe, stop it. Hip Hop for better or worse has gone from an exclusive culture practiced by inner-city youth

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Remember Me?

Lil Kim pioneered the SEXY FEMALE EMCEE in the mid 1990s. Until Kim’s debut, no woman had successfully portrayed herself as both a “sex symbol” and hardcore rapper to the extreme level she did. Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson

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