Who are you?

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Who are you really? Who do you model yourself after? Are you a product and accumulation of the behaviors you mimic from television, movies, music and religion?


Are you the stereotype characterized in a file cabinet in a county courthouse, or some marketing research firm? Who gives meaning to your name when it is spoken? Does your name have any real meaning beyond an identity designation, not unlike the random group of numbers assigned to a prisoner?


What does your daily work and sacrifice say about your character? Whoever classifies your character, name and purpose outside your Self, is truly the one in control of who you are. Have you created your own destiny or was it created for you to follow by someone else?

Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa


In Hip Hop, we name and define ourselves.

Kurt Nice

Kurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture, creating the first nationally distributed video mix tape series, Shades of Hip Hop, in the late 1990s. Since touring the country with the Stop the Violence Movement and the Temple of Hip Hop as KRS-ONE’s National Marketing Director, Kurt Nice has been a constant commentator on conscious Hip Hop and its relevance to the new rap music of today, through radio and cable appearances. contact Kurt at info@hiphoplives.net

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