What falling down says about race

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There are a lot of dangerous people with guns in America. It seems like every week we hear about random shooting. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) had statistics from 2010 on the homicide rate by firearm. The total was 8,235 among non-Hispanic Whites and those classified as African-American or Black. Among “white” males the homicide rate by gun was 3,267. For “black” males the number was doubled at 6,580. For females however, the number of homicides was higher for “white” females at 1,768, while “black” females rate of homicide by firearm was 1,099. Though “blacks” only comprise about 14% of the total population including all ethnicity, this number of homicides by gun is high.

Police prepare to put a teen shooting victim into a body bag in the 5800 block of S. Fairfield, another teen was being hospitalized for a leg wound.. July 12, 2012, 2012 (Phil Velasquez Chicago Tribune)   B582234366Z.1 ....OUTSIDE TRIBUNE CO.- NO MAGS,  NO SALES, NO INTERNET, NO TV, CHICAGO OUT, NO DIGITAL MANIPULATION... keywords: chicago police department shooting South Side  BNC TEXT: A 16-year-old boy was killed and another boy, 15, was wounded this afternoon in a shooting in the city's Gage Park neighborhood that police say is gang-related. The shooting happened shortly after 2 p.m. on the 5800 block of South Fairfield Avenue, said Police News Affairs Officer Darryl Baety. Police said both teens, who live across the street from each other on the block where they were shot, have criminal histories and identify with the same local gang. Police say two male attackers ran toward the teens from behind a tree. Both teens tried to run and one of the attackers opened fire, hitting the pair. The older boy was dead at the scene and the other suffered wounds to his legs in the shooting, police said. A Chicago Fire Department ambulance took the second victim in serious-to-critical condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. They were a couple doors down from where they lived when they were shot, police said.

The statistic becomes skewed in a different way when you add in deaths due to injury by firearm, not ruled a homicide. These might include hunting accidents or accidental discharge of a firearm. The number for “white” males shoots up to 20,513! For females, the number change is also explicit. So-called white females number of deaths due to injury by a firearm, not ruled a homicide was 3,163. The number of non-homicide deaths by firearm among “black” females went down unlike male or female “whites” who’s numbers went up and “black” males who’s number stayed about the same at 6,607. So, accidental deaths by gun among “blacks” was either the same or went down as compared to homicides by firearm among “blacks”. However, among “white” males that number was 6x the number of deaths by homicide. Among females the number doubled. This is just part of the tricknology that people are fed to think so-called blacks are bad people.


“Black” people who die as a result of an argument that involved a firearm, are no more bad people than “white” people who die from drug overdoses, or alcohol poisoning, or suicide. How could the deaths by gun of 7,679 “black” people in 2010, reflect on a so-called race of over 40 million people? You see, that’s that bullshit that they feed you everyday, and some of y’all think those numbers categorize a whole group of people. In reality, so-called “white” Americans don’t want to go down that road. It leads to all sorts of unfair stereotypes that have to be ascribed to “their kind”, if they were using the same standards as those used to judge “blacks”.


Shooting yourself in the foot (ankle) – hunting accident

For instance, In 2010, 3,502 “blacks” died from drugs, while at the same time, 33,145 “whites” died in the same fashion. That’s almost 10x the number. This points out another misconception that is falsely repeated constantly, even by well-meaning progressives. They say “whites and blacks use drugs at about the same rate.” I say, how is that possible when “whites” die at 10x the rate of “blacks”? Is the bodily constitution of the so-called “white” person weaker and more susceptible to overdose?


About 5x the number of “whites” died in surgery which is proportionate to the population. For most other methods of unnatural death, “whites” lead “blacks’ at proportionate or above average in the statistics, all except for gun deaths. If we were to use all the same stereotyping methods, we would come to the conclusion that “whites” were of a weaker constitution and died more readily in surgery, and they were 6 – 10 times more likely to die from all vehicle accidents in motorized or other land, water or air vehicles. So-called whites would be 7 – 10 times more likely to die from alcohol, drugs, accidental poisoning other than drugs and alcohol and non-transport accidents like objects falling on people.

These might seem like damning statistics about the so-called white-man and his “race”, but as soon as you went to another country full of “white” people with a different culture, the numbers would be different. That’s why “races” are really pretty fraudulent as character judging tools.

There is nothing intrinsic about the skin color that makes someone more prone to suicide. That is a product of socio-cultural conditioning. People do things because they are acceptable in their culture, not because their blood or skin color makes them do it.


That’s why I say… That’s That Bullshit (TTB) because statistics, if not critically analyzed, can be used to persuade your opinion without you realizing it.

As I stated in the book Hip Hop know what I’m sayin (available on Amazon), the most incredible statistic comes from the rate of death by falling which is 20x the rate for “whites” over “blacks”. People might believe that “whites” are more uncoordinated than “blacks”, but maybe instead, it has something more to do with a cultural lifestyle where injury by falling can be more extreme.



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