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To modern, 21st century man, ancient Egypt holds a mysterious place of supremacy in the schools of wisdom. We find that all western societies from the Romans on up to America, point to ancient Egypt as the source of much of the World’s knowledge. In fact, deep within the Masonic traditions are the building blocks and foundation for all their secret rites. Even the Old Testament in the Bible, has a root connections which lead to the Pharaohs of Egypt. This is the reason why.


In our last discussion about Sacred Geometry, we heard about the golden mean ratio and how it relates to life in a basic way. That is a good way to first understand the concept of phi or 1×1.618. But let’s go deeper. How this number relates to you as a human being can be better explained by the ancient Egyptians. This math is reason why the fathers of our societies have such a place of respect amongst our present-day cultures. This math is why the Washington Monument in Washington D.C., the capital city of the United States of America, is a replica of an Egyptian obelisk.


To most, the Great Pyramid at Ghizea or the Sphinx, are the basis of mystery and wonder about the wisdom of this land. But it is the Temple of Luxor that is the real key to understanding this wisdom. The Luxor Temple, or the Temple in Man, is an architectural display of education about the origin and placement of the human being in the universe. The study of this structure, is a lesson in schematic, blueprint-type form, where the whole lesson is visual, as well as mental and spiritual in concept. This lesson, is an explanation of why and how, math is the basis of all things. This lesson explains how and why, 1×1.618 is actually, you. This knowledge will help you to understand why Five Percenters say, “mathematics is the basis of all things in the Universe.” It also gives you a hint as to why music sounds so good to your ear, especially in certain forms.


The Temple of Luxor explains all of that. John Anthony West’s long form video on the subject, can be seen in full on YouTube. Below, is just a quick clip to give you a taste of this ancient Egyptian wisdom.


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