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The Media Meltdown of 2016

In no uncertain terms, we will long suffer the consequences of 2016. The decisions made on a global and national scale will surely affect us in the months and years to come. What we’ve realized this year is that the

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Media Proves They’re Stuck on Stupid pt 1: Politics

In a recent blog I discussed the media’s role in keeping the spotlight on unqualified dummies to get clicks. My opinion is that those who claim to cover hip-hop and mainstream political media, have allowed frauds to occupy positions of

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Cenk: Al-Jazeera doesn’t own TYT

Finally addressing rumors about the recent take-over of Current TV by Al-Jazerra English, host Cenk Uygur explains the situation. In the clip, Cenk and COO of The Young Turks, Steve, assured their audience that no one owns TYT. Kurt NiceKurt

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Current TV fate unknown as Al-Jazeera takes over

What the hell just happened to Current TV? Al-Jazeera, a TV news network based out of Qatar, an oil-rich country located in the Middle-East, bought Current TV network for $500 million. Co-founder of the network, former Vice-President Al Gore, reportedly

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