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What falling down says about race

There are a lot of dangerous people with guns in America. It seems like every week we hear about random shooting. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) had statistics from 2010 on the homicide rate by firearm. The total was

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Why is “White on Black crime” perceived differently among “Blacks”

Some people in the community have wondered why people in the so-called Black community seem more outraged by the Zimmerman acquittal Wilson non-indictment (or Garner choke-hold non-indictment), when in places like Chicago, young teens are murdered more often. That is

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Is Jay-Z losing credibility because of Barney’s?

Recently, a teenager’s run-in with the law made news. Hmmm, that sounds sort of typical but it happens to be stranger than it sounds because the teen was not only “black” but happened to purchase the item he was accused

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