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Creating the Message – an interview with Duke Bootee

One of the many things I agree wholeheartedly with KRS about, is the importance of self-creation to the foundation of Hip Hop Kulture. The idea of self-creation is, at least in part, a product of the concept of “knowledge of

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Fame Over Respect?

My goal ever since I began creating Hip Hop material in the 1990’s was to increase the status and acceptance of the culture that we were developing. Embedded in the First Generation of Hiphoppas was the universal desire to be

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WTF is a Poverty Rate?

Just a few short months away from another decisive, World-changing election, the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump finally decided to address the need for African-American voter support. Many, including myself, were offended by his depiction of an impoverished, crime-ridden

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A new look at the Hip Hop Elements

We all talk about Hip Hop; what it is, when it started, who is Hip Hop and who isn’t. But do we even all agree on that first part? What is Hip Hop? We all say it’s more than just

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After this, do you still love Hip Hop?

The last 4 months to many may have been very depressing when it comes to Hip Hop as a culture. Specifically, Hip Hop has been rocked by scandals of the most repugnant kind related to Bam and his legacy to

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Exhibition set up, come visit us!

On display for the collective are some of my favorite moments from the Shades of Hip Hop Archive. Although the full video and audio catalog has yet to be uploaded to the database, you will find digital reproductions from some

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What have you learned from Hip Hop?

Since conscious rap music became a recognized force in the American culture, many jewels have been ‘dropped’, so to speak. Many ‘pearls of wisdom’ have educated those who would have otherwise never considered the info being presented. That knowledge has

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Hip Hop is a seed

In the Gospel of Hip Hop, The Teacha breaks down many important subjects and life affirming topics which focus Hiphoppas on substantive aspects of life. A full range of introspection from materialism to spirituality is contained in the over 800

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Hip Hop Revolution

This is what comes up when you search for pictures related to the words “Hip Hop Revolution” on Google Images   Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture, creating the

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November: Hip Hop History Month

Since November is Hip Hop History month, a time in the folklore of Hip Hop when we celebrate the intricate history of the culture we all dwell in, let us reflect on the past. Many Hiphoppas talk about old-school vs

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Hip Hop Lives on Earth

(Originally published Feb. 28, 2013) I just started taking some formal classes that might be informative to share with you from time to time. If I come across any relevant information that concerns the everyday life of a Hiphoppa, I

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How Hip Hop entered the Global Economy

The question of international appeal and market segmentation makes me automatically want to examine Hip Hop as a culture. It’s interesting to note how, without marketing specialists and advertising executive’s influence, Hip Hop spread around the World. Still, it speaks

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The Lies Hip Hop Told Me (3): Fuck America

To those in the inner city, life in America can look bleak at times. The lack of employment, crooked cops, criminals trying to stick you for your goods, scam artists plotting, over-inflated prices, poor education, you name it. But guess

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One way to remember significant people from our past is to speak their names after they’re gone. Try to find a contribution of each one of these people when you figure out who they are. You might discover some good

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Hip Hop and cultural values

Culture is defined by some as, “the patterns of meaning acquired by members of society expressed in their knowledge, beliefs, art, laws, morals, customs, and habits (Kardes, 2011).” Geert Hofstede defined culture as, “the collective programming of the human mind

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What You Know About Ghostwriting in Hip Hop May Be All Wrong

Recently, Meek Mill accused fellow rapper Drake, of having spit ghostwritten bars by Quentin Miller on their collabo track. This Twitter insult was slung at Drake to discredit his position as one of the rap industry’s top performers. However, the

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Hip Hop Emcee Sean Price dead at 43

It was reported this morning that Sean Price of Duck Down Records, Boot Camp Clik fame died in his sleep August 7, 2015. Sean P was known as a top-notch Brooklyn-based emcee with massive skills on the mic. Sean P,

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Breaking Down Ah Yeah with KRSONE (1995)

Speaking of #TBT Throwbacks, here’s a gem from 20 years ago. This is how I spent my time in the days before the digital revolution, social media and YouTube. We used to track down Hip Hip wherever it was at,

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Celebrating the Worldwide Cypher

In common usage, a cypher is equated with a rhyme session of emcees. The word stems from the term for a ‘building session’ amongst 5 percenters who would gather in a small circle and speak or “build” on certain topics

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Hip Hop and Adult Learning

As I study Adult Learning, I see more and more how it relates to my life in Hip Hop and how the culture itself, in its True School aspect, is a blueprint of learning. Hip Hop in its best aspects

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