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by J. Michael Dolan Just finished reading Peter Gubers book “Tell To Win” for the second time. It’s that good. Reminded me why  I love the entertainment biz so much, probably because I’ve never worked in any other industry in

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A Golden Oldie… Art is NOT “in the eye of the beholder” like some would say. Rather art is the heart and soul of the artist, living at risk. It’s the blisters on the fingertips of the guitarist, the steady

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Living With Ants

I once asked Steven Stills, what’s the best advice he could give fledgling musicians? He said, “Don’t quit your day job.” Wise words back in the day. However, given that the current “tech revolution” has put career control and unlimited income

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7-Ways To Make 2013 Better

1. Forget New Years Resolutions! Instead make intelligent choices. You already have a mission, your impossible dream, commit to that for 2013. 2. Don’t Worry About The Economy. It’s out of your control. Just make intelligent choices regarding your money,

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Industry Melt Down

Back in the day, my employees & staffers would always remind me: “The industry slows down this time of year, Michael.” “No one is taking calls or meetings, Michael.” “Budgets are maxed out, Michael.” “We should think about taking time

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Follow The Leaders

More good advice and things to think about from Michael Dolan… J Michael Dolan, Counselor I recently received an email from Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson—perhaps you got the same one. He said, “There’s a massive generational shift occurring that

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Beginners Mind

Back in the day I made plenty of mistakes because I was so “overconfident.” As a hot-shot, CEO publisher at 29, I huffed & puffed around the office like I knew what I was doing, wearing bravado like a gold record

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