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Dizaster punches Math Hoffa at KOTD

Young boy bravado overtook the King of the Dot battle in Los Angeles on June 28. After what some said was a good three-round battle, Diz threatened to punch Math Hoffa in the face. Math dared him to do it,

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Why did KOTD use Canibus in their commercial?

In a commentary I talked about how most Hiphoppas don’t watch battles of any kind, whether its emceein, deejayin, bboyin, or whatever. Why is that? Isn’t Hip Hop Kulture losing out on what could be well-regulated, profit generating business?

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King of the Dot Show a Disaster for Hip Hop

On June 9, 2012, Hip Hop turned another corner. This night, an incident with far reaching implications, stained the memories of  many Hiphoppas in a way they will never forget. Some moments in Hip Hop are looked on with fondness

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