Progressives Hate NSA But Love Russian Hacks?

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I parted ways with the hardcore progressive left when they started hugging Edward Snowden’s nuts a few years back. I still watch, but I started not to trust their instincts at that time in a big way. It continued when networks like The Young Turks (TYT) went hyperbolic at the NSA spying conversation. They were adamantly against the government spying on citizens in any capacity. The government shouldn’t be able to listen to your phone calls, check your internet activity etc. That sounds reasonable to the degree that you assume telephone and internet service is a God-given right and not a private contract that you are only a part of as long as you keep paying your bill.


As a youth growing up in the 1980’s I never used to consider such things. Back then, NSA spying was somebody else listening in on another extension of a landline. If your parents wanted to use the phone or listen to a conversation, it was within their abilities and rights as the “owners” of the service to interrupt you at any time. Then, in the 1990’s when pagers and cell phones became popular, we invented codes to disguise our messages because it was assumed that the government tapped phones listening for drug transactions or at minimum you didn’t want certain people to know what you were up to. Since the 1990’s, I have always assumed the government could tap a person’s phone because the phone service is owned by a corporation who allows you to use it. Phone service and such things are private and not really the property of the people using the service; just look at a Facebook agreement. At this point, that should be common ‘Street Knowledge’. When I saw the basic lack of common knowledge expressed by ultra-left progressives, I stepped back in disappointment.

wrqwrwr Now, the hypocrisy of the Hillary Clinton email scandal goes so much deeper. The same people who screamed and moaned about their demand for privacy from the government are now championing the exact opposite. All throughout the primaries, they demanded the private conversations Hillary Clinton had with “Wall St.” employees. They didn’t demand the speeches of any other person ever running for the office, including Ben Carson, who took paid speeches and events while he ran for President. Hillary was an exception though. Her speeches were so damaging and infamous that they would reveal definite proof that she was bought off by big money. Well, the speeches were leaked and…nothing. There was nothing in the speeches that was remotely damaging. In fact, it showed her to represent progressive positions in 2013, long before Bernie was even considered a viable candidate. The fact that there was no ‘smoking gun’ and only the same kind of insinuations that have always surrounded her with no merit, shows why she remains so secretive. Anything she says or does is overly criticized and misconstrued. The Wall St. speech-gate is just another example of it.


That’s not that the biggest point of hypocrisy though. The bulk of the Wiki-leaked documents are not from Hillary herself. They are private emails from people who worked for her, sometimes conferring with private citizens. The breach of security was also probably backed by Russian adversaries who gave Edward Snowden asylum. Still, this information is gleefully being combed through and taken as Gospel truth by the very same “progressives” who cried about the NSA. Wow! How much does an opinion change to justify a falsehood? The justification so far by left-wing internet media is that privacy doesn’t apply to people working on political campaigns. They feel the public has the right to know every detail about how a campaign is conducted. Would they feel the same way if it were their private emails being hacked and dissected for controversies? What would the private emails of The Young Turks look like compared to their barely disciplined rants on air, if they were displayed in front of the media? We kind of already know the answer to that. TYT would be against it because it would make them look terrible.



If you believe Hillary Clinton is a demon or an overly unscrupulous politician, consider yourself brainwashed. You believe the same thing the average Trump voter does. You also might be a victim of the same progressive hypocrisy that ‘hates the player’ instead of the game. That’s common ‘Street Knowledge’; ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game.’ And if this were a game, Hillary Clinton would be running a clinic on how to play. What the emails and speeches show is that, she is not a left-wing socialist, true. She’s a centrist pragmatic capitalist, who believes in making money while maintaining regulations that stimulate growth. She’s also progressive on the environment and family issues like education and healthcare, so all the terror and cynicism is unjustified.  If you dig deep with some insight, you will also see how she made the Republicans play themselves by elevating clowns like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson. Her campaign against Bernie opened up the true minority coalition Barack Obama capitalized on and represents the future of political power in the United States. What we have actually seen this election season is that Hillary Clinton is a master politician and stateswoman who has risen to every challenge that she face thus far.


Unfortunately for her, she can’t control people’s perception of her or fully control her own image though she does try. The real reason behind the convulsions and hatred toward Hillary Clinton are not what’s being reported by mainstream news or progressive internet media for the most part. Its based on the hatred for Bill Clinton by White people in general, because if you notice, Hillary’s likability among Blacks has remained around 80%. For some reason, the average Black voter was able to see Hillary Clinton as the POTUS long before every other racial group, and now that may be a reality. So, were all of us hypocrites for believing Hillary was a sane individual or were other people the hypocrites?


BTW: To all the conspiracy brothers and sisters out there who believe the Illuminati control elections, who is their choice now; Hillary or Trump? While you think about that also consider this; if the government is made up of the people elected into office and you don’t vote, what does that say about who gets elected? Maybe the government you hate was elected by your neighbors and not you.

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