The Most Admired Woman in the World

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Here’s the thing. Propaganda and media brain-washing are real! For about 18 months now, Hillary Clinton has been dragged through the mud and branded with a ‘scarlet letter’ signifying untrustworthy. She has been accused and paraded before the public in witch hunt after witch hunt. She’s been accused of consorting with the Devil by Dr. Ben Carson and even being the Devil herself by Donald Trump. Even though she has been exonerated of any crimes by the highest authorities in the land, she’s still guilty in the minds of her accusers.


Is she really some demonic presence or diabolical criminal mastermind? I don’t think so. Hillary Clinton became this monster after years of smear campaigns aimed at her by her political opponents. For the most part, only right-wingers believed the stories fabricated about her misdeeds, but then, out of calculated ambition, Bernie Sanders decided to use the smears to his advantage. Bernie’s humble entry to the Democratic primary campaign and his empty promises excited the same strand of loss that stimulated the Trump supporters. It was/is the loss of ‘White male privilege’.  Just as President Obama represented that loss during his administration, Hillary represents that now. The blind hatred for Hillary Clinton hides the guilt, shame and weakness some men feel when someone who looks like them is not in power. To people who aren’t “White men” it may seem silly, but it’s a real thing. It might even be akin to that feeling of fear Black men get sometimes when a White cop pulls us over.


That crazed feeling of desperation to hold on to power or finally gain it, made Bernie go against his pledge to campaign positively. Instead, Bernie and especially his most vocal supporters, spread innuendos that Hillary was a liar and a cheat because she got paid for giving speeches after she left political office in 2012. This new convenient meme was used to bolster Bernie’s chances to get elected as the Democratic nominee. To this day however, Bernie and his supporters over-estimated his appeal to the mass of Americans who vote because of what they saw on-line or at political rallies. The real truth is that the media helped Bernie feed this narrative to stimulate ratings or traffic to their internet sites. The entire Progressive media fell in line behind Bernie with little care if he could really win or not.


In a Gallup Poll released on December 28, 2015, after months of campaigning, only 5% of the people in America considered Donald Trump the most admired man of the year, which was still 2% more than the people who named Bernie Sanders. Without knowing it, Bernie was heading for a loss the whole time he ran because he overestimated his support. Bernie supporters countered that argument with the usual ‘I know you are but what am I?’ defense. They said it was Hillary who overestimated her support. To be clear, not only was Hillary closer to beating Obama than Bernie ever was during the primaries of 2016, but out of the top 3 people to get the most votes in primary history for both parties, Barack Obama was number one. Hillary Clinton was number two and three.


Over the past 18 months, the media, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump along with all of their surrogates have hunted and stalked Hillary like an angry mob of Puritans searching for a witch. Just like then, the same types of people are being whipped into a frenzy branding Hillary Clinton today. In that same Gallup poll, Hillary was not only number one again; her score equaled the next three people combined who included Malala Yousafzai, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. The media has chosen to push the narrative that Hillary Clinton is disliked just to develop a so-called political horse race for ratings. The attacks and smears they had lined up for Hillary Clinton were based on the mantra and meme that Hillary has the highest unfavorable ratings of any candidate other than Donald Trump (or Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin etc. etc.). Yet, at the very same time, she was considered the most admired woman in the World by those same Americans, again ( When I say again, I mean as in number one for the last 14 years straight. And when I say again, I also mean that Hillary Clinton has been named number one more than Jackie Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth or any other woman in the history of the poll since it began in 1948. Not only that, but Hillary Clinton has been in the number one spot “longer than any other woman or man in Gallup’s history of asking the most admired question (Clinton most admired woman for record 20th time).” So, which is it? Is Hillary the most untrustworthy politician because of what has been said about her this election cycle, or is she the most admired person (woman or man) in the World according to Americans for the history of the Gallup poll?

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Kurt Nice

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