Mos Def wears skirt but here’s two other things

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You may have seen the picture of Mos Def (Yasin Bey) wearing what appears to be a skirt, although he prefers to call it a wrap from Ghana. In American Hip Hop Fashion sense, it’s not a good look. I’m sure the skirt is from Ghana and since the picture was taken in Africa it might not be as suspect as it may seem. We know that Mos has been seen wearing Muslim garb on occasion, yet it was nothing that ever looked so feminine. Still, the more important fact is that he was not only in Africa to visit, but he now lives in Cape Town, South Africa permanently. Mos Def is one of the rare individuals who actually choose to “go back to the Mother Land.” That’s a huge step. Is it something to think about for other well to do African-Americans? Is it possible in years to come, that we may witness migrations to other countries where the lifestyle is less American? Does Mos Def’s mindset speak of something bigger than the skirt?

The other important thing people miss in this conversation of whether or not Mos Def’s skirt is appropriate or meaningful, is the fact that he is a successful, multi-talented performer who can spit bars better than MOST rappers and emcees. Case in point, the following rhyme is better than most trap rappers whole catalog of songs. Does it matter if Mos Def wears a skirt in South Africa or Muslim garb in NY? To some people it might, but are you Hip Hop if you think that it makes his rhymes sound more whack because of a skirt? That’s the real question.


Kurt Nice

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  1. Kurt Nice says:

    If Mos was rocking a skirt during this freestyle, would the rhyme sound more whack?

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