How to fight against the drug war

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So I guess, “It’s your dope pig, I’m not gonna be able to do it, is the wrong answer?

It all sounds great but all they have to do in court is say that you gave them permission to search? Been there, done that. IF they want you bad enough, they will lie.

Here is a different suggestion. I was involved in the medical marijuana campaign in California in 1996 and the repression training in 1997 with a twist. When I found out the cops were going to ignore the medical marijuana law in California, I started a petition to put them all on real random Drug testing at the county level. I tied real random drug testing to their budgets.

Several years earlier, I worked on research for my Republican Congressman that lead to shutting down seized asset funding of the Dare Program. That was a billion dollar hit to the program. Nine years ago I wrote a book called “Drug War Economics:The Machine behind the Madness”. I took that book right into the courtrooms and made sure the judges got copies of it. As far as I know, most of them read it and their attitudes changed.

But the impact of this book that stands out is when Lt. Matt Huddleston got a copy of this book in a drug raid, took it home and read it. I got a call from an officer that worked with him. I came down to the station and talked to the officer for a long time. Matt read my book and wanted to walk away from this corrupt war. He was head of an elite narcotics division and his men no longer trusted him. They were afraid he might rat them out. This licensed scuba diving instructor was found a half mile off the beach in San Clemente in the middle of the day, bobbing with the fishes.

The point I am trying to make here is, it’s time to hunt this war and kill it. My email address is If you sent me an email, I’ll send you a PDF copy of the book, no charge. It will teach you how to fight these Drug War NAZIs and survive. It is time to get off your asses, get out of your closets and take back your rights from this dirty, lowlife, corrupt piece of shit, War on Drugs.

PS. Don’t be a whore for the drug war.

Kurt Nice

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