Clinton Faced Yuuge Media Problem

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For many of us, it was no secret how the most admired person in the history of the Gallup poll was turned into the “most flawed, establishment Democrat” ever nominated. The way we got here was through the media’s biased filter. And although these same flawed media outlets will demand that Hillary Clinton acknowledge her flaws and faults in order to accept blame for losing the electoral college, they haven’t done the same. They haven’t acknowledged their part in dumbing down the masses for ratings and money. Notice the spike in unfavorable % when 2015 rolled around. In 2015 and 2016, Hillary didn’t do anything outrageous to gain such a number other than run for President. Her negatives were manufactured by the media (with help from Russian hackers).

On TV, the radio and ESPECIALLY on-line, media lackeys parroted right-wing Russian propaganda as headlines to get angry white clicks on their websites. The easily-led masses of drones on social media didn’t see the brainwashing that took place to feed their hatred for “that woman”. Hillary Clinton, though thoroughly vetted and qualified, was pre-empted by constant smear tactics from mainstream and alternative media as the Harvard study shows.

Which one of those hack outlets will be the first o acknowledge this study? Berniecrats are notorious for citing polls. Let’s see if they even dare to talk about this study. Most of them are cynics and cowards anyway (TYT).

Kurt Nice

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