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Do you consider Trinidad James Hip Hop?

Artists like Trinidad James aren’t the real problem at all. It’s program directors who play his music as if it is comparable to real Hip Hop, that are the problem. The confusion about whether his lack of mic skillz or

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Chuck D: We got Everything

It’s simple, sparse, slow,  blues inspired, Hiphop consciousness by Chuck D. The Public Enemy Founder, released the video in a tweet today, saying. “This RAP record will Move YOU! PublicEnemy presents .Everything to the Planet Earth. Now on VIDEO!” The

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What’s the message for 2012? part 1

As a new year begins in the world of rap music, what have we learned from 2012? Many promoters of the rap industry will have you believe that everything was all good. In an effort not to knock the next

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Bow Wow Sucks On Lil B’s Shine

The problem with the so-called new generation is that it’s populated by fakers and hype. Youtube hits do not mean you got skills. It could mean you’re a joke. The majority of top viewed content on youtube is straight buffoonery.

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