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WTF is a Poverty Rate?

Just a few short months away from another decisive, World-changing election, the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump finally decided to address the need for African-American voter support. Many, including myself, were offended by his depiction of an impoverished, crime-ridden

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Business Law Basics

This report is comprised of a set of briefs discussing the basic principles of law any business will confront in their operation. For small business owners and students, this will serve as a quick study guide and overview of standard

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Is Jay-Z losing credibility because of Barney’s?

Recently, a teenager’s run-in with the law made news. Hmmm, that sounds sort of typical but it happens to be stranger than it sounds because the teen was not only “black” but happened to purchase the item he was accused

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P. Diddy gives group $250k to promote entrepreneurship

“Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks.” – Puff Daddy In an shining example of putting your money where your mouth is, Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy, aka P Diddy or just Diddy, used his vast material influence

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