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Finding the right answers

If we want answers to the most important questions, we must look to the past. Why? Because all the greatest questions which plague mankind at the core, have already been asked. These are the same questions that have burned in

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The Temple in Man and You

To modern, 21st century man, ancient Egypt holds a mysterious place of supremacy in the schools of wisdom. We find that all western societies from the Romans on up to America, point to ancient Egypt as the source of much

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Sacred Geometry, Infinity, Fractals and You

Here is a simple explanation of the deepest math one needs to overstand. This is the basis of pyramid science and the reason why the Mona Lisa is such a beloved picture. DaVinci used this math to paint his figure

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The GRB: The 1100 Families vs The 5%

Watch live streaming video from tsuwwc3 at Kurt NiceKurt Nice aka Kurtiss Jackson is a behind the scenes pioneer in the Hip Hop Kulture, creating the first nationally distributed video mix tape series, Shades of Hip Hop, in the

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