Bernie was never as popular as Hillary

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Once again, we have proof that the ALT-Left’s claim that Hillary Clinton was the WORST choice for POTUS was full of holes. The so-called progressive left said that Hillary didn’t resonate as much with the American people as their hero Bernie Sanders. Well, first, Hillary beat Bernie Sanders by over 3M votes in the primary (which wasn’t rigged). Then, she won the popular vote to Donald Trump in the Nov. 2016 election. Now, we find that after the election, Hillary Clinton remains more popular than Bernie ever was.


The new Gallup poll of the most admired man and woman in the World was just released. In the poll, Americans were asked to give their opinion about who they admire most. This year’s headline reacted to the news that President Obama was selected for the 9th year in a row above President-Elect Donald Trump. However, the title could have been “Hillary Wins Again!” since this is her 15th consecutive win and her 21st number one selection since 1993 (which is a record NO ONE has come close to). While Trump managed to get 15% of the vote overall in his category compared to Obama’s 22%, Hillary got only 12% of the vote in her category. It was 1% lower than her mark in 2015 when she got 13%.

Bernie Sanders also slid in the polls by 1%, to get a measly 2% of the overall vote, just 1 point more than Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Ben Carson, Benjamin Netanyahu and Mike Pence, who all got 1%. Incidentally, no woman has broken the 12% ceiling except Hillary who has done so every year and Sarah Palin in 2009 and 2010, when Hillary still beat her in the popularity contest. Even Michelle Obama has never been higher than her current position at 8% and she was number two this year.

The fact that this information is new to most, is proof that media propaganda decided the election of 2016. Memes made people think Hillary was the most corrupt, least trusted politician in history. However, the only time since 1993 that she wasn’t number one on the list was ’95 and ’96 when she lost to Mother Teresa and 2001 (First Lady Laura Bush). Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has only made the list twice in his life (2015, 2016). Bernie followers still claim that his popularity among Americans was so much greater than Hillary’s yet he has never come close to the percent of Americans who prefer Hillary. The lowest percent Hillary ever received while on the list was 12%. The highest percent of Americans who think Bernie is admirable is 3%. In the summer of 2016, I pointed out this fact in a piece called The Most Admired Woman in the World. But ya’ll didn’t hear me though…

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